Sweet Dreams

They say there’s nothing more boring than listening to someone else describe their dreams. If that’s true, brace yourself for a boring post.

Lately my traditional anxiety dream themes (taking a test I haven’t studied for, forgetting my shoes, trying to drive up a completely vertical mountain) seem to have been replaced by diabetes-related ones. In retrospect, they’re absurd. But in the dream, they’re unbelievably frustrating.

Below, a few examples, and my attempt to make sense of them.

"I'm here to help you sleep! And I brought some night-sweat-inducing diabetes nightmares!"

The Dream: I’m doing something completely normal, then look down and realize that my infusion site is bleeding profusely. I try to run home to replace it while I hold it in with one hand.

The Meaning: I’m feeling guilty about not changing my infusion set every 3 days, or I’m sleeping on the site in a weird way and it hurts.

The Dream: I check my blood sugar and my One Touch reads 7,292.

The Meaning: I’m feeling guilty about not checking my blood sugar often enough, or I’ve recently had a rash of stubborn highs that have stressed me out.

The Dream: I’m trying to give myself an injection, but I can’t get the needle through my skin.

The Meaning: I’m worried about scarring. Also, my unconscious mind misses MDI therapy.

The Dream: I’m running around a big industrial building in desperate search of a Coke machine.

The Meaning: My blood sugar is low. I usually wake up during these dreams and run into the kitchen in desperate search of a juice box.

The Dream: I’m babysitting BSparl while Kerri is out taking over the world. BSparl is a boy, and I take him to a bar.

The Meaning: I’m probably spending too much time in the diabetes blogosphere.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this weirdness. What d-dreams do you have? Bore me!