A Letter to the Rest of my Body

This post is for Day 2 of the Second Annual Diabetes Blog Week. Today’s prompt: write a letter to diabetes if you’d like, but we can also take it one step further.  How about writing a letter to a fictional (or not so fictional) endocrinologist telling the doctor what you love (or not) about them.  How about a letter to a pretend (or again, not so pretend) meter or pump company telling them of the device of your dreams?  Maybe you’d like to write a letter to your child with diabetes.  Or a letter from your adult self to the d-child you were.  Whomever you choose as a recipient, today is the day to tell them what you are feeling.

Dear Entire Body Besides My Pancreas,

Don’t get any ideas. Please.

I know we’ve had a rough go these last twenty years, but I’m writing this to let you know that I believe in you. Slack-ass pancreas may have thrown in the towel, but as long as you don’t, we will survive. I think.

Fingertips: Most people probably underestimate you as a major body part, but as a person with diabetes, I feel like we have a much closer relationship. I can’t look at you without seeing calluses and dozens of tiny brown dots. And every few hours, you’re there to give up a few fresh drops of testable blood. Thanks for that.

Eyeballs: I swear to God I’ll schedule my annual appointment tomorrow. Really. I appreciate all you’ve done to stay intact and functioning and diabetes-resistant all these years, and I hope we can continue our friendship. If it helps out at all, I can try to look at more attractive and exciting things on a regular basis.

Feets: Oh, trusted feets. Two more allies in my battle to feel normal. I hope you don’t mind that I subject you to the scrubbing, lotioning, flip-flopping and nail-painting we’ve endured throughout the  years, but it all means a lot to me. I promise to keep exposing you to the glorious Florida sunshine, as long as you agree to stay attached to me.

Heart: Dude, you’ve braved the worst of it, and you’re the last one I would have expected. I’m sorry. My cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is more than wonderful, my arteries are crystal-freaking-clear, and I thought everything was cool. Sadly, no. Diabetic cardiomyopathy had to show up and ruin everything, despite our best efforts. I’ve looked this shit up online and I confess that I have no idea what actually causes it. It just seems like a bunch of terrible factors that all stem from Mr. Pancreas crapping out early. I beg of you, don’t follow his lead.

Kidneys: What’s up? Remember in college when y’all produced too much protein, and I flew into diabetes control-freak mode to try to put a stop to it all? It kind of worked, didn’t it? For that I thank you, kidneys. Let’s try to keep all that nonsense out of the specimen cup for the forseeable future.

Guts: I’ve long lived in fear of developing gastroparesis, and for now, I think we’re cool. I promise to try to keep things regular as long as you do, too.

Pancreas: I’m sorry. I know you wanted to try, and no one knows what happened, especially not me. Maybe one day.

Parts of my immune system that screwed everything up: With all due respect, fuck you.



14 comments on “A Letter to the Rest of my Body

  1. Crystal says:

    With all due respect, Jacquie – AWEsome!!
    You got it covered in this post!

    And yea, lady parts, joyous stuff right there.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Patrick McConnell says:

    Hi Jacquie,

    Love it… great Post…


  3. Heather says:

    My feelings exactly! Well said. I love your promise to your eyeballs.

  4. Jeff Mather says:

    I had totally forgotten about Slim Goodbody. Oh, 1970s. (Love the post, BTW.)

  5. Paul M says:

    Love your newest blog post. I especially love the fingertips…brown dotted and abused, but still providing fodder for testing day in and day out.

    As for the rest of the pep talk, I’m right there with you (just exchange the womanly parts for MANLY parts [without the yeast] please).

    And to those over-active white blood cell bastards who killed off Mr. Langerhans and drowned his little islands that were minding their own business in the Sea of Pancreas long before anybody knew anything about global warming…a hearty & well deserved F-U from me too!!

    Cheers & long life!!

  6. Joanne says:

    Loved this… creative, funny. Pure Jacquie! I loved your promise to your eyeballs, and the final line of your letter. FU immune system indeed.

  7. Love your posts, I look forward to them and am pretty sure I always get a laugh. Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  8. alexis of justices misbehaving pancreas says:

    I fuckin love the way you write.

    The heart. You made me cry.

    Awesome post. Havent seen this angle of the topic yet. Brilliant chica!

  9. Mike Hoskins says:

    Love it, Jacquie! Thanks for the humor and heart combo, and the creative twist. And love how we part ways on the pancreas and rest of immune system… Great stuff!

  10. Scully says:

    Wicked spin on the letter writing thing.
    I love the undertone of darkness about how diabetes effects every single effing system in our bodies.
    Wonderfully written

  11. Tina Kicklighter says:

    Your posts always manage to be educational and they make me laugh, while also bringing tears to my eyes. You do a great job of stirring up emotions with your well-chosen words. I think you’re pretty incredible.

  12. Alison says:

    LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Jasmine says:

    Seriously, awesome letter! I didn’t see that ending coming, but I loved it!!

    Gastroparesis was one of my major telling symptoms that there was something wrong with me. It wasn’t overly pleasant, but hasn’t shown up again since my diagnosis. Hoping it leaves you alone 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    Terrific letter!!!! You are brilliant to write to all of the different parts of your body. 🙂

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