The Last Sensor

A frustrating exchange with my insurance company can make me do weird things. Like save a single, unused sensor for weeks.

It was my last sensor from my last insurance-sponsored box of sensors, and I was afraid of what would happen if I actually, you know, used it for its intended purpose.

I guess you could say I panicked. It was the combination of learning that my insurance company would no longer be covering 80% of my sensor costs, coupled with the realization that I only had one sensor left. I took the sensor out of its box, threw the container away, and — seriously — put the sensor in my jewelry box.

And there it sat, next to the pearl earrings from my little sister and the tacky acrylic bracelet I bought at Target. I had dreams about inserting it incorrectly and worried that the cat would knock it into a dark corner or under the bed. While it remained safe and sound in the velvet-lined confines of my jewelry box, I went almost three weeks without the CGM information feed I’ve come to rely on.

Out of habit, I’d hit the ESC button on my pump to get a view of my blood sugar trends. But the graph came up empty each time, and the screen always said “Lost Sensor.” It was almost enough to send me back into stage 4 of insurance company negotiation.

I’m not sure what I was saving that sensor for. I don’t have any cruises or rock-climbing trips planned. I think maybe I just needed to know I had one sensor left while I tried to digest the cost of a new supply.

So, I finally jabbed that sucker in last week. I’ve been wearing it for the last six days, and it’s just started doing that thing where it tells me I’m 218 one minute and 94 the next — when my blood sugar is actually 133. It’s the sensor swan song, and I’m glad it didn’t begin a moment later; a box of fresh sensors arrived just yesterday.

2 comments on “The Last Sensor

  1. Fiona says:

    I engage in similar behavior all the time. It’s more logical to do it with an emergency sensor than the emergency Cadbury egg I currently have in my pantry. It’s from last year, no one is allowed to touch it because it is MINE and until the stores put out Easter candy this year, I wasn’t comfortable eating it and being without one.

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow, so sorry to hear about the insurance problem. We just got a new 3 month supply for Leah, and my eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw on the invoice what we’d be paying if insurance didn’t cover some of it. Really stupid that they’re denying something that can only be a benefit to your care, huh? There’s no way I’d want to be without that information either!

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