A House Divided

I kept dropping that chicken. It was real heavy.

Hey, look! There's my diabetes bracelet!

My husband received a text message from a friend at about 6:45 this morning.

“You guys are in the paper. E-1. Huge picture.”

I knew this day was coming — we’d been interviewed a few weeks back for a story about couples with conflicting tastes in food. Bob and I each talked on the phone with a reporter from California, and then a photographer from the local paper staged a photo shoot in our kitchen.

And today, it was all published.

At the center of the story is Bob’s lethal allergy to eggs and slightly-less-deadly allergy to poultry. And, of course, my discomfort with most things fish-like, especially shellfish. The elimination of the above proteins leaves us with few  options for a mutually agreeable dinner: grilled cheese, steak, pork chops, or cereal.

I realize that it’s crazy to live 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and not enjoy its scrumptious bounty. Try as I might, however, I can’t get into shrimp (roaches of the sea) or oysters (nature’s filtration devices) or lobster (“Pick apart my exoskeleton, and then eat the guts inside!”) Like many people, I don’t have valid, objective reasons for my fish issues, but that’s why they’re called personal tastes, right?

I have made progress (as the article notes), and there are exceptions to my pickiness. I love some kinds of sushi (no baby octopi, please), fish and chips, and the seared tuna tacos at the place down the street. I figure that, if Bob has to deal with my big huge chronic illness, the least I can do is give a little when it comes to the things I can control.

There is one food we can agree on, though. After watching that episode of Dirty Jobs, neither of us is touching tilapia anytime soon.

12 comments on “A House Divided

  1. Lorraine says:

    Awesome! The story and the pic, that is, not your conflicting tastes. 🙂

  2. Tina Kicklighter says:

    It was a great article with a HUGE picture. Loved it!

  3. Stacey D. says:

    What a great article. It must be a difficult situation but you make it sound very doable. And I commend you for that. I am with you on the seafood thing though – not a lot that I do like. So you’re not alone!

  4. talesofmy30s says:

    Kicks ass about the article.

    Not so much about the dislike of the fish and seafood. Too bad Colorado isn’t on the coast. Or something.

  5. colleen says:

    No seafood for me, either, and living in New England, it’s tough to explain.
    Really cute article and photo!

  6. Love the shot of you two! I totally understand your dislike of anything that swims in the water. Most of my friends are like you – so I don’t serve it to them for dinner. Wow on the choices you can eat – can send you a great tofu shepherds pie recipe – you’d never know it was meatless.
    BTW, haven’t had a chance to view the video link for tilapia – will after dinner. I’m supposed to be posting a recipe for D-Feast tomorrow – and it involves that “pinch your nostrils” type of fish. I’m wondering, because I eat it – am I going to develop webbing inbetween my toes (hey – could come in handy if the lifelines on our sailboat break – and I have to battle with 10 foot waves in my bubble Dolly Parton jacket aka life jacket.

  7. Sysy Morales says:

    I love seafood but barely eat it due to mercury content in all of it 😦 Great article! Love the picture!!! You should frame it and hang it in your kitchen 🙂 lol

    Oh and if I ever do eat seafood it’s tilapia, What’s Wrong With Tilapia????!!

  8. k2 says:

    Great story! And as far as the pic – It had me ROTFLMFAO 😉

  9. Mark Nesbitt says:

    I started with shrimp. It’s like the beginner seafood. Still can’t do about 80 percent of marine life.

    But you want a house divided? Try mine. I had a pancreas transplant last year. My wife still has Type 1, 40 years and counting..

  10. Melanie says:

    I have the same pot rack! And a similar problem 😉 If left to his own, my boyfriend would live off of cotton candy and sour gummy worms, and he has a strong aversion to any kind of sauce and all things potato. For obvious reasons (my being a T1D), and because of my belief that sauces make foods worth eating and ability to cook potatoes a thousand ways, we struggle to find common food-ground. It’s good to know that this doesn’t have to be a deal breaker!

  11. Karen says:

    That is so cool!!! Okay, not the deadly allergies, but the article and the photo shoot!!

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