Bolus-Worthy Beer: A Love Story

I love beer.

I love how complicated the taste can be, and how simple the pleasure of drinking it is. I love that, besides water, it’s one of the oldest beverages on earth. I love that different beers represent different parts of the country — and the world — and I love trying different beers and touring breweries when I travel.

I used to think that I wanted to try to brew my own, but that dream died when I took my first tour of a brewery. The tremendous amount of chemistry involved in creating a decent-tasting mug of beer is insane — it’s a process almost as involved as finding the right basal rate for weekend mornings or properly correcting for an out-of-nowhere high.

I love everything about beer except that, for the good ones at least, I have to bolus for beer like real food. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from drinking it — it just makes me more discerning.

Here are a few beers I don’t mind crankin’ up the pump for:

Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is so damn good. If you like IPAs (India Pale Ales), you need to drink one of these. Now. Even if you’re at work. It’s strong, but refreshing. Hoppy, but not too much so. And its ABV is around 7%, so it gets the job done, if you know what I mean.

Just don’t ask me why there’s a fish on the label.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

My favorite thing about light and tasty wheat beers like Sierra Nevada Kellerweis is that my husband doesn’t like them, so there’s always one left for me in the fridge.

Yuengling Traditional Lager

I think Yuengling is the only beer that’s everywhere in Florida but isn’t available West of the Mississippi. It’s basic, but wonderful. And it comes from the oldest brewery in the country, so I always feel patriotic and scholarly when I drink it. Best of all, it’s cheap.

Bold City 1901 Red Ale

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite local beer, 1901 Red Ale. Not only is it made right down the street from my house, my favorite illustrator and co-worker on earth, Kendrick Kidd, designs the labels and tap handles for all of Bold City Brewery‘s beers. 1901 is named for the year that Jacksonville burned to the ground, and it’s a dark and yummy brew that never fails to turn my blood sugar levels into a natural disaster of my very own.

Of course, I’m not always in the mood to calculate and bolus for something tall, dark and strong. In which case, there’s always the old stand-by: Diet Coke.


21 comments on “Bolus-Worthy Beer: A Love Story

  1. Holly says:

    Putting my vote in for SA Octoberfest! =P Totally bolus worthy. And we have a couple of really good local breweries here, too. Just like Yuengling and Red Ale, I like to support the US and local businesses. =)

    • Jacquie says:

      It’s mid-August, so the Octoberfest should be out soon, right?

      I just remembered how much I love Abita beer, too (from NOLA), but I don’t usually get it at the local g-store because it’s not in the refrigerated section.

      • Holly says:

        Target had a 12-pack of Octoberfest last week. I know we still have a month before fall actually starts, but I bought it anyway. =P

  2. Hennepin and Chimay are two of my faves for splurging!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love lurking on the d-blogs. I don’t usually comment on them but I saw the picture of the Kellerweis and had to! I also enjoy beer. My favorite right now is Kolsch. But I am partial to stouts in the winter and hefeweissens in the summer. I can’t wait for the Octoberfest. A good tasty beer is always bolus worthy to me!!
    PS Have you tried Abita’s Purple Haze? It’s delicious!!

  4. Can NOT beleive there wasn’t ONE HEFFE in your mix. That’s my beer. We just started brewing our own. It’s been fun and we just tried our first batch of Wheat last week and it was amazing. We have a Porter (no pun intended) and a Nut Brown Ale “stewing”. Dang, 6am is too early to be thinking about beer. Thank God It’s Friday!

  5. Yummm… now I am craving a Pacifico. Even really heavy beers make me low after a while – so no bolus required. But the good ones really are worth it. Seriously, would it be bad if I came back from lunch smelling like beer??? 😉

  6. Tim says:

    See if you can find Innis and Gunn ( – absolutely wonderful stuff. But I’m not sure if you get on your side of the pond.

  7. Thanks for the heads up in Twitter 🙂

    I’ve made my own beer at home in the past (also wine). It makes the house smell vonderbar when you are cooking up the grains, and other goodies that give the individual beers their unique taste.

    One thing I do, when I’m worried about the amount of carbs in the beer – I make a shandy. This tends to be a good drink for a hot summer day, where you don’t want too heavy a beer. Very refreshing, less carbs, but you’ve still got that beer taste.

    My father-in-law mixes his beers (mass commercial ones – yuck) with tomato juice. Gag me with a spoon. Has anyone ever had their beer that way?

    I’m thirsty now – and it’s only 10:42 EST ….

  8. Bennet says:

    Let me just say that brewing isn’t that hard. Men have been doing it for centuries, how hard can it be? I say that as a guy.

    You put some stuff in a pot. Boil it.

    Then you cool it off and let it sit around with some yeast in it.

    A week or so later it goes in bottles.

    I managed to do it it so how hard can it be?

  9. Abbey says:

    Great post. I, myself, prefer a nice wheat beer, but seem to have issues with it. Can I ask a boring question for such an entertaining post? Do you use a dual-wave with beer or just bolus straight up?

  10. Marcus says:

    Bolus-worthy beer. GREAT topic. In no particular order:

    Lagunitas Brown Shugga – even the name talks trash to my insulin pump
    Most anything from Dogfish Head, but particularly 90 min IPA and Pallo Santo Marone
    Sierra Nevada Bigfoot – takes me 3 units of insulin, but it’s a bargain.
    Thanks for pimping the Yuengling, one of the benefits of living in PA, and yes – I love Abita, too.

  11. ok, this is crazy to me. If I drink 1 beer (any beer!) my blood sugar drops like a rock within the hour. My husband brews his own beer and it’s actually tasty and I hate that I can’t drink it!

    Wine is fine, I’m not much of a cocktail person, so haven’t tried that yet…

    I was just diagnosed with T1 in May at 30 years old. Ah well, I had many good drinking years under my belt before the diagnosis, I guess…

  12. I’m probably going to lose a BUNCH of “street-cred” with you for saying this, but I don’t drink much beer. And by much I mean any.

    Diet Coke however, is a totally different story. 🙂

  13. Hannah says:

    Yuengling is originally from Pennsylvania, so not only is it entirely ubiquitous here, but it’s also cheap! I can get a 12-pack at the local store for like $7. My husband has even toured the brewery. I’m hoping he may want to repeat that experience one day so I can go too. 🙂

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