The Envelope

It’s been sitting in my work mailbox since Tuesday. I know exactly what it is, and I don’t want it.

It’s a bill for pump supplies that I’ve long since used up. Due to some insurance confusion, the last batch of supplies that this company sent to me wasn’t covered, and now I need to pay for it. I’ve spent several phone calls trying to get said confusion cleared up, but to no avail. I need to pay it.

I feel bad that it’s been sitting there for two days. I feel bad that I’ve ignored it every time I run to the kitchen for a Diet Coke or a plastic spoon. I feel bad that my poor husband has to help finance my mechanical pancreas and all of its accoutrements. I feel bad that that stupid envelope exists at all.

Stupid envelope.

7 comments on “The Envelope

  1. Kaitake says:

    Stoopid envelope. Stupid insurance company. Cute Spidey! 😀

  2. Kerri. says:

    I have been ignoring bills for months now, thanks to the insurance/hospital billing time lag. I can’t stand how everyone wants to bill us for everything, instead of submitting the claims through insurance. Frigging sharks. (Or spiders, in this case.) 🙂

    • Jacquie says:

      Did you click on that lil’ spider? I love the story that goes with it!

      • Sarah says:

        I honestly don’t know that Brooke and I have ever laughed as hard as we just did reading the spider story. I peed my pants a little. Thanks for that.

  3. talesofmy30s says:

    Poop on insurance. But only when they won’t cover something, of course.

  4. sisiay says:

    it’s very brave of you to use that spider picture with your post. don’t be surprised if you get ANOTHER envelope in the mail soon, asking for 233.95. it’s a terrible cycle.

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