The Exercisers

Some people are Exercisers. I am not one of those people.

Being an Exerciser has nothing much to do with whether or not one actually exercises. For instance, I walk the dog, go to a few yoga classes a week, and am hoping to start running soon. No matter how much I do these things, I will never be an Exerciser.

Exercisers, somehow, always have that constant, sun-kissed “I just ran 4 miles” look about them. They tend to be early risers, are perfectly comfortable replacing meals with smoothies, and can tell the difference between the varieties of cushy socks at the sporting goods store. Exercisers have good posture, buff upper arms, and are frequently seen carrying water bottles around. They wear clothes woven of organic cotton, drink Michelob Ultra, and actually use the “lap” settings on their digital watches.

And as much as I long to be an Exerciser, it’s more for vanity’s sake than for the diabetes. Yes, exercise helps my insulin work better and lowers my basal needs. It’s good for my heart and lowers my risk of every bad thing on Earth. But its blood-sugar-lowering powers can be pretty unpredictable, and it’s not uncommon for me to end a workout with a juice box and a granola bar (or more), which cancel out most of the calorie-burning benefits of exercise.

I know that if I was more regimented in my approach, and monitored my pre- and post-workout numbers with more scrutiny, I could work around a lot of the low blood sugar issues — and I probably will someday. Until then, I’ll leave the hardcore stuff to the Exercisers.

5 comments on “The Exercisers

  1. Brigdon says:

    Amen to that!

  2. Harry says:

    Although I thought I was, I guess I’m not really an exerciser, because I’ve never even been tempted to use the “lap” function. I’ve hit it by mistake, but that’s because some wacko at Nike thought that putting “start” and “stop” on the same button would just make too much sense.

  3. Shannon says:

    Once again, you found the perfect photo to fit your post! Jack Lalanne was a BEAST! 🙂

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