The Healing Power of the Juice Box

It took me almost 20 years, but I finally found the hypoglycemia antidote of my dreams: The Juicy Juice 4.23 ounce juice box. Preferably in Grape or Apple.

When I was diagnosed in middle school, my mom used to send me to school with Lifesavers. Inevitably, I would eat them a few short hours after they landed in my backpack.

Then she tried tubes of icing. Tubes of cake icing, people. They did the trick, but holy crap, were they disgusting. And not exactly discreet, either. It’s a good thing I was surrounded by accepting and understanding classmates and teachers. I can’t imagine the reaction most people would receive in polite society upon removing a tube of Betty Crocker Easy Squeeze from a pocket and emptying half the contents into their cheek.

Throughout high school, college, and most of my adult life, my drug of choice was plain old Coca Cola. That unmistakable blast of cold, bubbly HFCS became synonymous with comfort: salvation from the low, coming right up! As soon as I started CGM-ing it, though, I realized how ridiculously high my blood sugars got after I downed a 12-ouncer. And the empty calories? No thanks.

Enter the wee juice box. Coming in at just 70 calories and a perfect 15 carbohydrates, it’s practically made for treating lows. I can throw ’em in my purse, slurp them down in about 30 seconds, and even get a little vitamin C with my hypo treatment. Sublime, with a hint of plastic straw. Sweet, with a slurpy finish. Perfectly effective, without the post-low spike.

4 comments on “The Healing Power of the Juice Box

  1. Rebeca says:

    You know what, you are right! The juice box is perfect. Candy is not really realiable (I say as I munch on Starburst gummies to correct a low ;). I will grab some from the grocery store and keep stock of it! Thanks for the tip! I think I knew, but I forgot. Candy is more fun to eat – but with crappy self-control and pregnancy not such a good idea right now 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    I love my juice boxes too. My box of choice is Mott’s for Tots Strawberry Banana. Although partly because I love the happy smiling fruits on the package. 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    I hate it when I grab one of the low-sugar ones I buy for my toddler. So. Not. Helpful.

  4. nici says:

    These are my most common low-treater, too. Just enough juice to bring up the low without over-treating. Berry is my favorite, but grape is a close second. I have not seen the Motts Strawberry banana ones Karen mentions but they sound like a nice change of pace. I’ll have to look for those!

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