Welp, here I am.

Hey there. My name’s Jacquie. I’m 31, and have been living the glorious Type 1 diabetes lifestyle since November 1990. In my real-life life, I’m the only person I know with Type 1 diabetes, but during the past few months, I’ve been lurking like crazy all over the DOC.

I never really thought I had anything to add to the conversation, but every once in a while, an idea would show itself, and I thought “If I had my own little blog, I’d write about that.” Eventually, enough of those ideas showed up to make me feel justified in starting my own gig.

Mostly I’m here to talk to other people who’re in the same proverbial boat, blow off some steam, and placate the nagging ideas that interrupt me while I’m trying to do real work.

Thanks for having me.

6 comments on “Welp, here I am.

  1. k2 says:

    Hi Jacquie –

    It’s great to meet you!
    Glad to read you started your own gig – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.
    And thanks so much for commenting on blog, it’s what led me to you 😉

    Kelly K~

  2. Layne says:

    Glad to see we have a new member to the DOC. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


  3. Pearlsa says:

    Nice to meet you

  4. Harry says:

    Welcome to the internet. It is a magical place, full of wonder and intrigue. Occasionally, you’ll get a smartass like me, but I guess you take the good with the bad. 🙂

    • Scully says:

      HEY HEY! i’m a newbie too, but even newer as in, not even a week old in the blogosphere. I’ve been lurking for years myself. nice to meet you. come by my place some time, i don’t drink beer but i will have tea!

  5. Sorry for the lateness of stumbling across your online goodness, but welcome to the DOC! Great to have you join the Marveling D-Universe and I’ll also look forward to seeing you around here and other spots online!

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